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About My Translation Services.



My name is Elliott. I am an expert English to Russian and Russian to English translator, native Russian speaker and near native English speaker, based in Brooklyn NY, the USA. My partner Louis is an expert Dutch/Flemish to English translator, and native Dutch and English speaker.

My company is a small professional practice where the partners do the work and take full responsibility for the quality and timely delivery. I and Louis have been translating professionally for many years, and our clients have come to trust our skills, diligence and reliability. We always strive for an impeccable accuracy and style of every translation project we work on. The chances are, that if I take your project, my translation service will be the last translation service you will ever use.

When shopping for a professional translation service, you want someone who will provide both an exceptionally accurate translation and easily readable style, with appropriate and consistent use of terminology. We believe that we have an obligation to provide these qualities in every translation project we tackle. These are the standards for the translation work we do, so that you understand what to expect.

1. The areas of expertise (but not necessarily limited to). Information Technology, Telecommunications, Finance, Software, Science, Electronics, Automotive, Technical manuals, Advertising, Marketing, Official, Commercial, Legal, Defense, Communication, Aviation, Manufacturing, Government.

2. The accuracy of the translation work. I briefly evaluate every project first to make sure our expertise matches the subject area of the project. The evaluation is purely for the purpose of my detailed understanding of the project, is free of charge, and typically takes no more than 24 hours.

3. The effective style. Your translated book, article, manual, document etc. will read easily, with nothing to distract the reader from the content.

4. The use of terminology. We have a comprehensive terminology database and pay particularly close attention to the correct use of terminology.

5. The highest standards of quality. To insure the highest quality of the translation work we extensively use powerful, industry standard translation memory tools - Wordfast, SDL Trados and Transit.

6. Guarantee of confidentiality. Under no circumstances the materials you have passed onto me for translation can be made available to any third party.

File Formats.

I work with the following file formats:

.txml - TXML file; .txt - Text file; .doc - MS-Word file; .docx - MS-Word file; .rtf - RTF file; .xls - MS-Excel file; .xlsx - MS-Excel file;

.ppt - MS-PowerPoint file; .pptx - MS-PowerPoint file; .pdf - Acrobat Reader file; .htm - Web page file; .html - Web page file; .mif - FrameMaker file; .inx - InDesign file; .odt - ODF Text file; .ods - ODF Spreadsheet file.

My Background and Professional Experience.

I moved to the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1988, and became a US citizen in 1994. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign (UIUC), in 1991, with Master of Science Degree in Physics. I also hold Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Moscow Institute of Telecommunications, and have considerable knowledge and experience in the area of Information Technologies, Telecommunications Technologies and Software Development. After the graduation from the UIUC I worked as a consultant and software developer for a number of high tech companies in Chicago area and NYC, including such reputable companies as Motorola Inc. and Bloomberg LLP. I am a primary author of one US patent in the area of Telecommunications Technologies. I have been translating from English to Russian and Russian to English since 1977 - my early school years (I had started learning English at the age of 7). I have been working as a professional freelance translator since 2003.

Since 2003, I have been extensively translating for large European and US companies doing business in Russia by way of contractual agreements with Russian publishing house Eksmo.

Some of my satisfied customers are: Volvo Cars, Ford Motor, Philips, Eriksson, Princess Yachts, Unesco, Lionbridge.

Here is the Science and Information Technology Editor of Eksmo Publishing House, Ms. Natalie Hinchin, Moscow, in her own words:

- "Elliott has translated about 120 thousand source words for VOLVO CARS RUSSIA in various manuals. At the proofreading stage we have not changed a single word in the translation".

- "Mobitex-Eriksson of Moscow has asked us to translate from English into Russian a number of advertising and technical documents. We are completely satisfied with the Elliott's translation services and plan to use his services in the future for our mobile clients translation projects".

Please contact me if you have a translation project you would like to discuss.

Analytical Translation.

For the Russian to English translation projects you would normally use a native English speaking translator. And normally you would be right to do so. However there are some special situations, which are best illustrated by the following example.

Suppose you are a US government agency or a US company doing business with or in Russia. And you have in your possession a highly important and sensitive document(s) in Russian that you need to translate from Russian to English with exceptional accuracy and nuanced conveyance of the subject, because important US government or business decisions depend on how accurately the content of the document is translated and conveyed.

In this case you may need a Translator-Analyst, whose native language is Russian - because the priority now becomes the translator's command of the source language to the degree only native speaker can have. The Translator-Analyst is not just a translator, but someone with the knowledge of the subject, knowledge of both Russian and US cultures, and highly developed analytical abilities - in addition to the fluency in both English and Russian. If you have a translation project like this, that requires a Translator-Analyst from Russian to English, chances are that I am your best bet, apart from the US government employed analysts and linguists.

Here are the factors that allow me to make this kind of a claim:

1. I am a highly educated individual with advanced Science and Engineering degrees from the best Russian and US schools.

2. I have lived and worked about half of my professional life in the former Soviet Union and another half in the United States, where I currently reside. As a result, I have a unique grasp and understanding of both Russian and US cultural, economical, social and political aspects that very few people do.

3. Working as a professional software developer and technical expert in Telecommunication Technologies for many years in the United States, I have unique knowledge and understanding of a number of scientific and technical issues. Some facts: for a period of time I was a representative from my employer to the American National Standardization Institute (ANSI), in the area of Telecommunications, and participated in the development of the ADSL standard, which is by now a ubiquitous technology in the US. I am a primary inventor on one US patent related to the ADSL deployment in the US.

4. I have fluent and nuanced command of both the US English and Russian languages, with Russian being my native language.

If you would like to discuss a Russian to English translation project that calls for the kind of knowledge and the analytical skills described above, please contact me.